Nolan became famous for his book, Jesus before before Christianity: the Gospel of Liberation, by Albert Nolan. Jesus before Christianity has ratings and 34 reviews. Paul said: Albert Nolan presents an image of Jesus before Christianity who is full of compassio. Albert Nolan JESUS BEFORE CHRISTIANITY. The Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (Maryknoll) recruits and trains people for overseas missionary .

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Jesus Before Christianity – Albert Nolan – Google Books

Most of the book described what Nolan concluded Jesus actually believed and was influenced by. Bernard Delaney, an English Dominican. I find it quite interesting — it is important to see Jesus as a human being — he often referred to himself as the Son of Man — so clearly he shares our humanity — but Jesus is also divine and there nola the need to balance the two aspects of christianigy person. Views Read Edit View history. So, that period of my life when I was university chaplain was jfsus important for me as well.

Now we have a democracy. For years I have felt our times where pre-Christian. My uncle recommended this book to me the last time I was in the Philippines after one of our many discussions about how the Catholic church has become increasingly corrupt and veered from the fundamental teachings on which it was founded. We could have two priories soon and become a vice-province, but it is difficult because we have had to reorganize all our jeeus in order to come together in one place to be a priory, and that has been difficult.


Notify me of new comments via email. It gives me slight comfort that there are people within the church that also feel this way, but not enough to ever plan on returning to the church.

Reading the works of Thomas Merton cchristianity, Nolan became attracted to the idea of religious life.

Nolan contends that early on in his ministry Jesus became a hunted man who knew his death was imminent. Did you ever see any conflict between your social activism and your vocation as a Dominican and religious?

Book Review: Jesus Before Christianity by Albert Nolan, O.P. – Panorama of the Mountains

If Jesus were merely human, then our faith in him, in terms of inheriting eternal life owing to his redemptive dying on the cross would not be viable. It is very sad, and we continually try to change the country so that there will not be poor people, or fewer poor people.

God is on one way or another behind all events. Up till then only white people could vote; black people could not. As might be expected, Nolan emphasizes a humane, not a supernatural, Jesus.

I would recommend this to anyone interested in gaining new perspectives on Jesus in the contex Joseph Campbell said to read other people’s myths to really understand what you believe, and in this vein, I tackled this book. We have cluttered up the message of this holy and sincere man whose message was simply compassion It portrays the person of Jesus as he was or at least as he appears to have been before the layers of Church and dogma accreted through the centuries.


Jun 24, Carl Williams rated it it was ok Shelves: Albert Nolan revised his version of Jesus Before Christianity in This book is a good book to ground yourself in the Messiah as: I think we will grow bigger, but not fast. What are the needs of your Vicariate, as you see it now? He is very focused on Jesus’ compassion, which I think is as much an interpretation as anything else.

There is a great deal of cultural and historical context information brought out in this book holan illuminates the character of Jesus the man. Jesus before Christianity by Albert Nolan.

Albert Nolan

Mar 31, Stephen Mortland rated it liked it. Now I’ve been asked to come back to do it again.

I actually started the book in mid February. Some of the most famous countries in the world have it. And, as disciples of Jesus, we do well to stay focused on Jesus—the Jesus before Christianity.

I was often accused of being a “political priest.

I read his chapter on “Jesus and money” first, and was thoroughly impressed.