Allworx 6x Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Allworx 6x User Manual, Installation Manual, Release Note, Brochure. Allworx Corp, a Windstream company. User’s Guide – Release The Allworx 6x and 6×12 servers only allow one (1) conference to be active at a. Allworx System Administrator Guide Version ALLWORX * Page iii Revised: 09/17/ Contents.

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Normal Mode is the default. To save a copy of the message on the Allworx server, also enter the user’s login name in the Members list – doing this enables users to listen to aallworx manage their voicemails using the Allworx Message Center even though the system emailed a copy. The User page displays. If checking this box, the system sends a SIP redirect message.

Call Supervision Enables supervisors to train agents by listening in on their calls. Click add new alias link. Enable the phone to dial specified digits automatically whenever the phone is off hook. When dialing a local number, you do not normally dial 1 and the area code. Specifying this mode, in effect, defines a new outside line for the PBX for each slot configured in this mode.

The guide is available on the Allworx Partner Portal www.

alldorx Check the Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time box underneath the selected time zone to enable the system to update the time automatically. Once the network connection to the server is set up, the phones will register with the server the next time they reboot or power up. However, these features ARE available when one of the parties in the call is using an Allworx phone or port expander.

Allworx 6x Phone Server up to 60 Users Upgrades Available | eBay

These decoded frames are then reframed locally and sent back out on the transmitted output line. The Hot Desk PFK and all other PFKs remain as originally configured for the phone Line Appearance Monitors the status of an outside line, answers incoming calls on that line, and selects the line for outbound calls.

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Click the drop-down menu next to the key number, and select an available option for each PFK. The Allworx Server Administrator can configure the remote Allworx server to provide outside line services for the local server. This is intended to connect to the service provider interface that is operating as the FXS side of the Ground-Start interface.

New Call Appearances will be added for each executive.

All subsequent reboots will use the settings provided by the Handset Network Profiles Template. The system needs to recognize this case distinctly from the local number case and know to collect all 11 digits before trying to make the call.

This parameter is not critical but having it properly set dramatically lowers the probability for a condition called glare where both the PBX and the Central Office attempt to put the same slot into service simultaneously for two unrelated calls. Click the Remove links on all servers to remove all site data on all servers.

The Users page displays. Change the extension length using the following procedure: This does not include the license for the first T1. Therefore, Feature Keys generated for one system cannot be used on any other system. A Dialing Privileges Group is a set of dialing privileges aplworx a list of handset Call Appearances with those privileges.

Allworx 6x Manuals

When you dial a long distance number, you normally dial 1 plus the area code and then the 7 digit local number. Standard Router When the network mode is set to Standard Router, the logical network capability is as shown in the diagram below: Update the System Features section, as appropriate.

Dialing Rules Settings Use the drop-down menus to update the selection, and click Done. Installing multiple keys for the same or different feature count adds licenses to the server.


Allworx 6x Phone Server up to 60 Users Upgrades Available

Go to the External Dialing Rules section. The checkboxes are for configuring specific Allworx services in the LAN address list.

Click Add after entering all Members. The solution is not using the same domain name for both. To specify the number of digits and the service group affected: Merge will not change any settings that were overrides from the last applied template.

Allworx 6x Manuals

Physical And Environmental Specifications Table of contents Auto Attendant Most service providers expect to have the requested number or ID [dialed number] in this field, but some require the registered account information [address of record]. This does not prevent the keypad from functioning during an active call.

The VPN page displays. The dial plan can be configured to meet the needs of the customer by: Available feature keys provide one, five, or 10 licenses each. If the phone is running firmware from server software release 7. A handset can place the call on hold and another handset can retrieve the call. Configuring The Allworx Tsp Driver This key is not required for opening a single-user remote diagnostic VPN.

Upgrading from prior releases of the Allworx System Software to Release 7. This implies that these rules may vary depending on the local calling area where the Allworx server is installed. If this setting is improperly configured line errors may be very common or problematic and affect system reliability. Managing Reach Licenses To manage Reach licenses: Joining A Conference Print and distribute this sheet to all end users.