An excerpt from Imam Ghazali’s Ayyuhal Walad – translated by Shaikh Seraj Hendricks Ayyuhal Walad, “Oh my Young Man,” is a letter to a student by Hujjat. Page ). . Page ) ..!:) ».«. Page *. ]: [.) *.: .) *.: .) *.. ) *. *.: .) *. *: .:): »..« Page ))».. «:». «:». «:).. 16 Mar Imam Al-Ghazali (rh) begins this letter to his student, whom he affectionately calls walad (=Son), by saying Ya ayyuhal walad al-mehboobi i.e. O.

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Description Ayyuhal walad manuscript. And, wa ma indallah — that which lies with Allah swt, that which is in the possession and dominion of Allah swt is eternal, it is subsisting, it is never ending.

By continuing to use zyyuhal website, you agree to their use. Try to think in terms of love ; that I have to love these amaal. This is something that we have to learn, but we can learn it gradually — like a piece-meal: So, he says that I observed humanity and I saw that it is the very part of human nature that every single human being is in love with something or someone or some idea.

Sometimes somebody does some wqlad raising for some cause. Third Lesson I learnt that to be human is to acquire. Then I looked around and I said that let me see what is it that ayyujal these people are acquiring, what is the object of their acquisition? I worked on my nafs to make it have good desires.

A person will be able to enjoy Salah, when they feel Allah swt in their prayer. I looked around and saw that everybody was trying to acquire things of the world. Imam Al-Ghazali wrote ayyuahl a very long letter which has been printed in the Arab world as a small Risala or an epistle. Hatim al-Asam begins every lesson with that: What I have heard from our mashaikh, ulema and elders, and which Prophet sws himself says in a hadith is that you should try to give from that which you love.


So, if we want to make our Salah an act of love, we need to start focusing on the adaab of Salah. I gave my love, my muhabbah to aimal as-saleh.


He gave a lot of money and goods in charity. To be human is to strive, to be human is to acquire, to be human is to achieve, to be human is to attain. It is very important to have that. And then secondly, may Allah swt help us to not just avoid the bad desires, but to actually go deeper and take out those bad desires and bad pleasures. So here you have two different possibilities of tasawwuf.

This site uses cookies. That is called dhikr; by feeling Allah swt outside our prayer.

Ultimately in our deen, watch this carefully, ultimately in our deen we do refer back to doing what we please. This Egyptian work is currently in the public domain in Egypt because its copyright has expired pursuant to the provisions of Intellectual Property Law 82 of When I reflected on what that was, I realized that nothing could lay claim to that except: But he gave away what we call zayed an al-zarurah — that was beyond his needs, as he perceived them to be, he gave them away.

You have had my company for thirty years, what have you learnt in the 30 years that you have been with me? This whole world, every single thing that people have, is going to come to nothing when they pass away, and certainly when the world ends itself. How can I fall in love with Salah? Certain types of Egyptian works official documents, stamps, works of national folklore should use specific license tags instead of this generic tag.

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Hatim al-Asam was once in the company of his Shaykh, when Shaykh Shaqiq asked him: The second lesson that Shaykh Hatim rh says that he learnt from his Shaykh — Shaykh Shaqiq rh — is that again he said that I saw humanity, I reflected upon the human condition and I saw that to be human is to desire. That is why there are so many adaab in our Deen for all of the acts of worship, so that the acts become more enjoyable and we perform them with love. And what he did was that he gave away all of his extraneous money syyuhal possessions.

Copyright has expired in the Ayyuha. As opposed to praying like most of us do it: Certainly, the later tradition of tasawwuf is a bit more soft on this, and even in the early tradition of tasawwuf you do have mashaikh who, in terms of their own lives and in their teachings, were quite well off.

I have wakad prevent my nafs from desiring. The first way, then, for us, is to try to do amal on this advice that we need to focus on our salah. When our nafs desires them itself, then doing those things becomes very easy.