6 Sep THE BOMBAY PROVINCIAL MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS ACT, CONTENTSPreambleSections . Maharashtra Municipal Corporations Act. [ LIX. SECTIONS. [Deleted]. Procedure if election fails or is set aside. Mayor and Deputy Mayor. IA. BPMC Act. Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations Act. BRTS. Bus Rapid Transit System. BMS. Bhartiya Majdoor Sangh. CIRI. Central Institute.

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The Municipal Corporation used to levy octroi as per the rules framed under the The District Collector TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. The Commissioner shall each year on or before 194 date as the Vpmc may from time to time prescribe have prepared and lay before the Standing Committee, in such form as the Committee shall from time to time approve. Municipal Corporation Actin short, Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange.

Commissioner, Nanded Waghala Municipal Corporation…. If any notice under section does not supply all the information which the Commissioner deems necessary to enable him to deal satisfactorily with the case or if any such notice given for any of, or all, the purposes mentioned in clauses ab or c of the said section does not contain any proposal or intention to make or lay out a private street, he may, at any time, within, thirty days after receipt of the said notice, by written sct require the person who gave the said notice.

No act or proceeding of the Corporation or of any Committee or Sub-Committee appointed under this Act shall be actt on account of any vacancy in its body. If the Judge is of opinion. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation v.

Provided that no permission shall be given by the Commissioner for the erection of an arcade in any public street in which the construction of arcades has not been previously sanctioned by the Corporation. Provided further that the1[State] Government may by order in writing at any time relieve such person from such disqualification but, subject only to such order, the declaration by the Judge shall be conclusive. It appears that as nothing was done to remove illegal construction, for number of years, one Kalpana Complex Section of the said Act reads as follows No person who receives the rent of any premises in any capacity described in paragraph iii or iii of sub-clause a bpmx clause 45 of section 2 shall be liable to any penalty under this Act for omitting to 19449 any act as the owner of such premises, if he shall prove that his default was caused by his not having funds of, or due to, the owner sufficient to defray the cost of doing the act required.

Krishna Mohan P Ltd. Provided that the salary of no officer bpmv be altered to his disadvantage during his period of office. Article 81 of the Constitution provides b;mc the composition of House of People. Ai Champdany Industries Limited v. District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission 0.

bpmc act, | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Provided that no such appeal shall lie unless it is filed within one month from the date of the order of the Commissioner. Where in pursuance of a notice under sub-section 1 of sectionany building has been rendered fit for human habitation by the execution of works and alterations to the satisfaction of the Commissioner, such building during a period of ten years from the date of completion of such works and alterations shall not be deemed to be unfit for human habitation by reason only of not conforming with any regulation made subsequently to such date affecting the structure of such building.


But that permission me Jaswantsingh Pratapsingh Jadeja v. Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal 0. CST and those contained in certain other enactments like the Bombay and Calcutta Municipal Acts specifically prohibit the very entertainment of the appeal if the tax is not paid. Where any order made under sub-section 1 is confirmed the State Government may direct that the resolution or order of the Corporation or its authority in respect of which suspension order was made under sub-section 1shall be deemed to be rescinded.

Section 5-A of the Land Acquisition Act No person engaged in any trade or manufacture specified in section or rules shall a willfully cause or suffer to be brought or to flow into any lake, tank, reservoir, cistern, well, duct, or other place for water belonging to the Corporation or into any drain or pipe communicating therewith, any washing or other substance produced in the course of any such trade or manufacture as aforesaid; b willfully do any act connected with any such trade or manufacture as aforesaid, whereby the water in any such lake, tank, reservoir, cistern, well, duct or other place for water is fouled or corrupted.

Zct the intention of causing such bodily injury as is likely to cause death, and 3. Upload pleading to use the new AI search. National Company Law Appellate Tribunal 0.

Provided that no such appeal shall be heard by the District Court unless it is filed within one month form the date of the decision of the Judge. Such decision of the Committee shall be conclusive and shall be bpkc to the Corporation at the next ordinary meeting thereof, where also the Commissioner shall be bound bpjc produce documents and to make any report or statement requisite to give effect to the decision of the Committee when called on to do so by the Corporation.

The petitioner was working as Junior Wireman Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction.

Thane Municipal Corporation TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Provided that no such appointment shall extend beyond or be made after a lapse of six months from the date on which the vacancy occurs.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi The application shall also contain information as regards the name of the owner or person or 19449 interested therein, the system of management and such further particulars as the Commissioner may require. Article of the Constitution, the petitioner has challenged the notice issued under section 1 of the BPMC Act Provided that no widening, extension or other improvement of a public street, the aggregate cost of which will exceed five thousand rupees or such higher amount as the Corporation may from time to time fix, shall be undertaken by the Commissioner unless or until such undertaking has been authorised by the Corporation.

For the purposes of sectioncause of complaint shall be deemed to have accrued as follows, namely: A permission under this section]1[may be granted or renewed for a period not ach two years] from the date of each such bmpc or renewal, subject to the condition that such permission shall be deemed to be void if; a any addition to the sky-sign be 194 except for the purpose of making it secure under the direction of the City Engineer; b any change is made in the sky-sign, or any part thereof; c the sky-sign or any part thereof fall either through accident, decay or any other cause; d any addition or alteration is made to, or in, the building or structure upon or over which the sky -sign is erected, fixed or retained, involving the disturbance of the sky-sign or any part thereof; e the building or structure upon or over which the sky-sign is erected, fixed or retained becomes unoccupied, or be demolished or destroyed.


As per sub-section 1 of the said section any person enrolled in the municipal election rolls may, at any time, within ten days after the Secondly, the scope of such enquiry is so narrow Mahanagar Sudhar Samiti, Akola… v.

It was urged by learned counsel for the petitioner that clause e of Section 2 of the Bombay Provincil Municipal Corporations Act contained a proviso enabling LIX of as amended by the said Act and the rules made by the State Government in this behalf. If any private street or any other means of access to a building be not levelled, metalled, flagged or paved, sewered, drained, channelled, lighted or provided with trees for shade to the satisfaction of the Commissioner, he may, with the sanction of the Standing Committee, by written notice, require the owner or owners of the several premises fronting or adjoining the said street or other means of access or abutting thereon or to which access is obtained through such street or other means of access or which will benefit by works executed under this section to carry out any one or more of the aforesaid requirements in such manner as he shall direct.

Shri Farid Ahmed Abd Inasmuch as it was found that the department had already made up its mind in respect If the said expenses are due in respect of some work executed or things done to, upon or pbmc connection with, some building or land or of some measure taken with vpmc to some buildings or land or in respect of a private street and the defaulter is the owner of such building or land or of the premises fronting or adjoining such street or abutting therein, as the bpmmc, may be, the amount thereof may be demanded from any person who at any time, before the said expenses have been paid, occupies the said building and or premises under the said owner and in the event of the said person failing to pay the same, they may be recovered by distress and sale of the movable property or the attachment and sale of the immovable property of the said person, as if the amount thereof were a property tax due by him:.

This letter is challenged by the petitioners by filing this writ petition seeking an interpretation of the Bpcm is governed by the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporations List Judgments citing this Act.

Provided that the Collector shall, if required by the owner of such building, refer b;mc question whether such part can be severed from the remainder without material detriment or the determination of the Court and the Court shall decide upon such a reference, as if it were a reference to the Court under the said sub -section:.