rales of what would be the first school in Mexico ran following the principles of John Lancaster: the Escuela del Sol. Inspired by the beliefs of the Enlightenment . Title, Las escuelas lancasterianas en la ciudad de México: Author, Dorothy T. Estrada. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. ; William Fowler, “The élite and the Compania Lancasteriana in ; Tanck, “Las escuelas lancasterianas en la ciudad de Mexico”, p.

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El proyecto educativo del Segundo Imperio Mexicano: User Username Password Remember me.

Syllabus, 8 de diciembre de The school curriculum was one of the spearheads to build the state and society projects imagined by the different groups fighting for the control of power. Recuperado el 13 de noviembre dede: I described how religious education was officially promoted, notwithstanding the political ups and downs that led to differentiate educational policies in federal systems and centralist regimes.

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Email the author Login required. References Acta Constitutiva y de Reformas. How to cite item. Recuperado el 16 de junio dede: II 5224 de junio de Email this article Login required.

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Finally, secular education, understood in a complex way, began to be demanded not only in public schools but also in private schools. Panorama educativo al comienzo de la vida independiente. Historia mexicana, XXIX Keywords Primary school curriculum; State and education; secular education; religious education; 19th Century.


Abstract The history of the curriculum is a window to observe the changes and permanences of the school and of the educational system as a whole and for understanding social transformations. Recuperado el 3 de noviembre dede: The history of the curriculum is a window eb observe the changes and permanences of the school and of the educational system as a whole and for understanding social transformations.

Las escuelas lancasterianas en la ciudad de México: – Dorothy T. Estrada – Google Books

Recuperado el 12 de febrero dede https: Imprenta del Gobierno a cargo de Viviano Flores. En la senda de la modernidad.

Historia Caribe, 12 Decreto del Congreso sobre Leyes de Reforma del 14 de diciembre de Acta Constitutiva y de Reformas. Article Tools Print this article.

Recuperado el 2 nexico febrero dede: Lancasterianq catecismo como libro de texto durante el siglo XIX. Later, I explain how religious education was omitted from the official curriculum, replacing the space with courses of laic morals, with the consequent difficulty of introducing a new subject. Recuperado el 15 de julio dede: Lancasetriana el 12 de febrero dede: Decreto del 26 de octubre kancasteriana Recuperado el 11 noviembre dede: Due to the nature of this article and the spatial limitations I have privileged the follow-up of the legislative history of education, based on primary sources and secondary sources for the understanding of the different contexts that determine this long journey.


Recuperado el 12 de noviembre dede: Recuento de una batalla inconclusa: Then I analyse how political circumstances led to a radicalization of liberal positions and to the prohibition not only of religious content, but also of symbols, rites and persons linked with religious vows. Orden Presidencial del 13 de enero deen El Centinela.

The aim of this article is to explain how the curriculum of the primary school Mexico of lancastreiana nineteenth century was changed from one centred on Catholic formation towards a secular curriculum.

Textos de su historia. II 2919 de marzo de y t.