A collection of useful phrases in West Flemish, a Germanic language spoken in Belgium. The phrasebook is a hands-on tool that teaches language phrases and basic sentences. You will also enjoy a wholesome learning experience. English-Flemish Phrase Book: A Selection of Words and Sentences for Daily Use with Flemish Residents in England and a Short List of Military Terms.

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If you need phraseook translation for any reason, email your documents to us at info worldinterpreting. Do you accept credit cards? Dutch has some vowel sounds that are not known in many other languages so they may be hard to learn.

Phrases and recordings provided by Bart Vanc Download all the audio files Zip format If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me. Hoe maakt u het? It offers flexible timings and uniquely tailored courses to suit the learner’s needs. Pjrasebook new Niet nieuws Thank you very much!


Flemish Phrases

Hoe laat is de sluitingstijd? Kan u een traveller’s check wisselen? Waar kan ik een traveller’s check wisselen? How do you say “thanks” in Flemish? Doet u leveringen naar het buitenland?

Belgium: Important Phrases – TripAdvisor

Difficulties [ edit ] Phrasebooi many Dutch and Flemish people like to practice their English, it is very difficult to learn more than the basics. The Flemish are likely to try and switch to English as soon as they notice you’re a foreigner.

Cuss Words polite This is nonsense! Ik ben niet geinteresseerd.

Ku’j teeh’ n mi n kla pp ‘n in’t Westvlams? Learn in easy and simple ways that will help you converse in every day practical situations.

A table for two, please. Eejn toale is nooi t nie ghenoegh. Kan je mij helpen? Een tafel voor twee alstublieft. Fun stuff about languages Learning tips: Make yourself at home! I’m lost Ik ben de weg kwijt Can you help me? May I have a cup of…? The residents in the Northern portion Flanders speak Flemish, which is the same language as Dutch. How to learn a language.

Have a good trip! Wat is dat in het Vlaams?

BBC – Languages – Quick Fix – Essential phrases – Flemish

Ik begrijp het niet! O’t nie messaen’t If you don’t mind Oj’t nie erg vindt If you don’t find it terrible O’j zo ghoet wil t syn If you want to be so good O’t meugheluk is If it is possible. Ik heb een dokter nodig. Downtown city center stadscentrum Historic center old city het historisch centrum It’s near here het is dichtbij It’s far from here het is ver van hier Is it within walking distance?


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ANG-kuh-luh reyss ghrahg A round trip, please. Heeft u kamers vrij? Can we have the check please?