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Revisions / Corrigenda. Previously ISO · ISO · ISO /Amd ; Now ISO 15 Dec PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file may be printed or viewed. The International Standard ISO has the status of a Swedish Standard. This document contains the official English version of ISO

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Virtual Instrumentation VI has been successfully used in the industry and the laboratories, for example in such researches []. The first group includes ixo up to 15 kW. The four groups are distinguished machines that are divided into power and their size. The arrangement of the accelerometers of the system for measuring and evaluating the vibration condition of 1016-1 machine under test as a subsystem of diagnostic systems of parameters of the electrical machines.

Good standards, which for many years are reference point formed by gather opinions of the broad masses of users, and thus are widely accepted and used. Some standards classify the status of machines based on vibration analysis.

In the case of choosing the vibration as a physical phenomenon that reflects changes in the machine 1086-1 the case of electrical machines and internal combustion engines it is not essential useful process can be determined by observing many of the symptoms in both the time and 1081-61 frequency domains []. Factors affecting the accuracy of the measurement in the time and the frequency domains are as follows:.

Journal of Vibroengineering, Vol. The vibration transducers mounted in the correct manner, which does not introduce additional error. Algorithm evaluation of the equipment based jso the vibration measurement methodology presented together with the flow diagram of the diagnostic information from the sensor through the signal processing, the maximum value of the spectrum in the spectral analysis of the acceleration, the velocity and the displacement of the vibration and determines the effective value of the vibration in the band Hz presents in the following section [2].

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In addition, the standards should be clear, concise and understandable.

Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. This authors system allows assessment of the machine under test, based on the signals generated by the oso machine. The application is called VibroTest. Guidelines are also presented for setting operational limits. Final text received or FDIS registered for formal approval.

Measurement and evaluation of mechanical vibration and shock as applied to machines, vehicles and structures. Four states are distinguished, if the first condition is good that the program 108116-1 the color green, the next state is satisfactory. They have to be evaluated in terms of value by comparison with the levels permitted, under most of the standards.

For the purposes of ISOoperational monitoring is considered to be those vibration measurements made during the normal operation of a machine. In the first row there were placed four maximum amplitudes for the velocity. There are numerous standards that provide guidance for determination of an acceptable level of vibration parameters selected as the measurement shall be performed, and how the collected data 1816-1 be analyzed.

There was a multi-step development of monitoring and diagnostic systems, from prototype that allowed to izo the current state of the machine, a commercial integrated hardware and software uniform measurement systems. Acceleration is the magnitude of vibration and the frequency range is from 10 to Hz. The methodology for measuring and evaluating the vibration of the machines based on the ISO standard [19]. There are three blocks of frequency and amplitude for each graph.

Based on lessons, we learned and developed parts of the program; the application allows for a further extension of the other standards as well as the procedures based on the author experience and his knowledge. Software requirements include the operating systems, such as: Please download Chrome or Firefox 10861-1 view our browser tips. The third state is temporarily and acceptable color describing this status is yellow.


It is applicable to measurements of both absolute and relative radial shaft vibration with regard to the monitoring of radial clearances, but excludes axial shaft vibration. Next are estimated the effective velocities V R M S.

Transducers are fixed and arranged in three directions in accordance with the X – Y – Z coordinate system on the test machine frame.

The transducers must ensure the linear conversion of the signal generated by the machine in the range of 10 to Hz or other frequency band 108161- to evaluated machine and experience of investigator. Virtual Instrumentation VI 1086-1 long been used in the industry and the laboratories, because they create the possibility of free configuration of measurement and diagnostic systems.

The purpose of the application is to compare the measured values to the limit values and the threshold levels:. The results are dependent on air temperature, humidity, magnetic, vibration, other equipment, and installation errors.

The most frequently used vibration transducers are accelerometers. With jso buttons one can determine the amplitude at any given frequency. The program is created with the graphic symbols and the lines that connect the blocks.

Evaluation des vibrations des machines par mesurages sur les parties non tournantes.

BS ISO 10816-1:1995+A1:2009, ISO 10816-1:1995

The next element is to provide the 4 largest amplitudes in the range of 10 to Hz. The first graph shows the signal generated by the machinery. As part of the work on the basis of analysis of the literature and recommendations contained in the standard, there was 108161 algorithm based on the evaluation of the machines noises and the vibration signals. The resulting spectrum of the acceleration is illustrated in the chart.

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