GATE. ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION Topicwise Solved Paper Year – By RK Kanodia & Ashish Murolia For more GATE Resources, Mock Test. April 10, at pm · Filed under GATE ·Tagged AIR-1, All India Rank 1 . The notations used in the problems from a, I think, are from the book .. this is mani from rank ante antha easy kaadu adi ECE words. 2 Nov gate guide ece version ee8a spring 3 alias = once you have logged into previous year solved paper by rk kanodia & ashish murolia.

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Do not afraid to know the details because it will not harm you in ecce way. All the classes were held at the end and so I was not very sure about it. In the final two weeks I revised all the topics without solving any problem and revision of all the topics is very essential to score high in competitive exams.


Rest all concepts can be managed. Hi Sujith, Thanks but now gage thr s 2 months left. Sir, i wanted to know that does having a Hard copy or e-book of the recommended books affect the preparations.

Sure, you can ask me questions. I am putting the kandoia in a list- 1. Now Communication Engineering is not all a phantom sitting in brain, eating my nerves. Any way I would suggest you to go through Boylstad or Sedra and Smith.

Learn hate about the different existing integrations and their benefits. Advances in Small Animal Total Joint Replacement provides an up-to-date, comprehensive examination of joint replacement in veterinary surgery.

I checked my concepts on gnusim for Linux.

Its a year now that i have joined but i am feeling now that i have not learnt anything in this tenure. Should i solve unsolved ques of standard books to avoid silly mistakes? If you have passion in research, PhD is a good option.


If you happen to miss a few questions in the exam, find gae answers after the exam. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Any way it was good see this blog. This was the first time I learnt the usefulness of writing comments in a textbook. I did not let any one know just in case.

I remember the last class was on 14th January, so I got less than a month for my revision. Just after I entered the exam hall, I thought ianodia a moment of how to start the exam.


Only 2 more month left 4 xam. I was wondering if i should quit my job around september which would leave me with 6 tate to prepare, meanwhile i keep preparing in the time i am back from office.

In maths, only formulae from Calculus need to be remembered. I can surely say that Digital Electronics is the topic which is easier compared to the other topics and it is a good scoring subject with respect to GATE.

: R. K. Kanodia: Books

It was a disaster left me blank minded. I was actually willing to go to any IIT, preferably IITD because I would get a scholarship which a professor from a Thailand university told me about when presenting my Robots at my college. Also solve the problem sets of the courses. So this is why IISc became the best in my thoughts. My previous post on Machines and Indian Problems tells about my first ever exposure to the problems here and that made me sce to serve my country with what ever abilities I have.

Getting to know the concepts is very important and text books will help you for that.


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Every time I read the book by Streetman and Banarjee, I felt the concepts new to me. I recently came across rk kanodia gate ece blog and ggate been reading along. Control Systems The teachings at the institute for this subject proved to be very useful for my fce. Did you think of any other options,in case you did not get a good rank in GATE like GRE, applying for job again etc- In that case do you think one could get a new job after 1 or 2 years of experience?

Feeling fortunate to read this. As i can spectaculate, it all was your ability to gain this height, you overcome very well from your fear and failures, i can assure you simple guys can easily let this up if they agte faced the same situation as u had… but this was you, who neither gave up nor stopped.

Problem solving is very important and solve problems from each concept that you read. The lectures were so useful that after I finished with them, I was ecee to do Probability of Error calculations, for basic modulation schemes, within 2 to 3 steps. Sumit pratap singh said. I felt remembering formulae in Electronic Devices easy, probably because I had gone through the derivations many times. Last time, i got AIR Communication Engineering was the subject that scared me a lot.

I also need some guidance from u pls give me ur precious time.