12 Oct Hello Friends, Any idea when solution Manager training materials (SM, SM) and trainings will be available?Thanks and Regards,Abhijeet Rathi. Goals. Describe the various elements of Service Desk and Change Request Management as part of SAP Solution Manager; Configure the SAP standard. SM Version – SAP Solution Manager Service Desk 2 – days; SM Version – SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management 3-days .

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We should be getting an open interface that will make things simpler. For example, the steps detailed in this blog allows you to test the connection before switching live to it.

Same like Prepare phase follow the steps for Go-live report after migration of Production system. Articles on this Page showing articles to of Contact us about this article.

For that reason, I will not go into detail. We should end up with much fewer logical components. When your ticket is productive, you will simply need maager make your maintenance documentation productive.

In the past I had done some discovery of potential options and some work on specific reporting availability through ccmsping in a custom SLR for example but not yet utilized custom queries. If you want a simple definition for a branch, it is simply, according to SAP, a versioning context for documentation.

SCN : Blog List – SAP Solution Manager

Embed this content in your HTML. This is a re-usable technical component that is available for system monitoring as well.


They are of 3 types: Using several free resources, we have gone live with Change Request Management. Migration check report will mansger sent from Solution Manager to the recipients mentioned in the procedure. Projects and Solution are unified. Right now, we’re releasing it under version 1.

So here we go. Reflecting on past thoughts. Also note that SAProuter 7. SAP Simple Finance, on-premise edition for this purpose. This is what I got for the previews.

For the part 1 of this tutorial use the following link: However, keep in mind that this blog entry is based on previews by SAP, and that the finished product might be different. Creating custom fields to appear in the mail form 2. I liked the idea of limiting urgent changes, if at all possible.

I did encounter an issue when I was adding additional fields to the structure after it was in use. Maintain Attribute Contents for Mail Forms 3.

It won’t be part of the ramp-up but added later. You need to have your Solution Manager system open so if you have questions that can’t be resolved by e-mail SAP can log on to it. Copy the 2 sar files which you have previously downloaded to this folder.

Solution Manager 7.2 Training

Claim or contact us about this channel. Solman read user in the rfc does not have proper authorization in managed system setup. It finally worked, but you may need patience. For that reason, I raised an OSS message. It’s based on views that contains only pre selected sm00. Update the Action and Conditions. We plan to include more checks in the future as the tool develops further, but right sm2200 our focus is to deliver the tool with the most important checks and ensure it is working stable.


The following screen shots are from 7. Select the Attribute Context that will be used to determine the condition.

SAP Solution Manager

This will be very close to sm020 workaround used right now, which consists on coding levels through naming convention combining levels in Scenarios names, for example. In the past, PI monitoring came close and was not bad at all. These deviations are caused by: This is what functional people nee d!

If you want to format the fields into table columns, here some logic to get you started. With the help of my colleague Allam Drebesa tool was developed to facilitate manaher analysis, and also share our knowledge with the customers. Issues with the Trusted RFCs in CHARM Trusted RFCs should be created with sm2000 user id and not any other user id because when you will log on from charm to do any modification after creating the transport request in web ui of charm it will not allow you to own the request owner is changed.

As in the detailed instructions, follow the path.